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Fighting for Gun 

Enough is Enough.


Violence Prevention

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National Die-In Day

June 12, 2018

The DMV Walkout Against Gun Violence

The  beginning of a movement.

On March 14, 2018, MoCo Students For Change (then MoCo For Gun Control) planned and organized a walkout, march, and rally on Capitol Hill, mobilizing over 8,000 students from 45 schools in the DMV area. The demonstration was carried out in coordination with National Walkout Day, an effort initiated by the Women's March Movement. As student speakers, elected officials, and victims of gun violence gave powerful testimonies on stage, the event garnered national media attention. After the demonstration, some of our group's key members became directly affiliated with the March For Our Lives organization – namely former SMOB Matt Post, Brenna Levitan, SMOB Nate Tinbite, and Michael Solomon.

As the first issue that inspired our founding members and countless other young people to get engaged in activism, continuing the fight against gun violence will always be a top priority for our group.

We recognize that gun violence is a multifaceted issue, thus requiring a multifaceted solution. Therefore, MoCo For Change advocates for gun violence prevention legislation on the federal, state, and local levels, mandating universal background checks, improving access to mental health institutions, investing in education, and advocating for violence intervention and prevention programs for the state of Maryland. 

Through organized demonstrations, lobbying, campaigning, and registering students to vote, we're fighting for a safer country where gun violence is no more.

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